Determining what Toxic Relationship Signs are

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Many couples worry about the health of their relationship. This is perfectly normal considering how much time and dedication most couples put into making things work. Therefore it is crucial to know and understand what toxic relationship signs are. Before considering what these signs are, individuals should have an adequate understanding of what constitutes such an unhealthy relationship as well as the factors that may increase the risks. A baseline definition would be when one or both individuals in a relationship has diminished self-esteem, feel less hopeful about their future and lives overall, and as though their livelihood is being negatively consumed as a result of being in the relationship.

One of the signs of this type of unhealthy relationship is when individuals feel as though they have to tiptoe around several issues and topics of conversations in order to avoid arguments or outbursts from their partner. This is not only frustrating and stressful but can be certainly detrimental to the couple’s ability to effectively communicate, which is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Another sign is when an individual feels that no matter what they say or do they just cannot make the other person happy or content. Feeling as though the other party in the relationship often blames them for their negative feelings or unhappiness is another sign. Also, putting one’s feelings and emotions on the backburner in order to maintain a level of civility is certainly another sign. Once it is established that one is indeed in such a relationship, it is vital to understand what is wrong with the relationship and how it got to that point.

Typically, in the beginning couples may have started out great and things appeared to be almost perfect. They tend to wonder how things got to such a low point. Somewhere along the line, an individual may have got it in their head that their happiness or misery solely rested on the actions of the other individual. This, of course, is a key factor in a dysfunctional relationship. Whether due to television, movies, or ideas from the media, individuals may have developed this relationship damaging misconception. In order to break free from this type of relationship means acknowledging that individuals are responsible for their own happiness and should not be blamed or feel responsible for the unhappiness or lack of success in their partners’ life.